G20 Energy Efficiency Policies and Measures


Short description: No fuel efficiency standards
Source: WEC, globalfueleconomy.org, Transportpolicy.net
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Road consumption per vehicle
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Public transport

Buenos Aires, Argentina has won the 2014 Sustainable Transport Award. In 2013, the 9th de Julio avenue of Buenos Aires , the widest avenue in the world, had an impressive change. More than 20 lanes of car traffic have been replaced with several bus-only lanes for a high-quality bus rapid transit (BRT) system. The BRT has 17 stations along the median, accommodating 11 bus lines and improving travel for 200 000 passengers per day. In addition, Buenos Aires opened a new 23-kilometer BRT corridor, Metrobus Sur. Thanks to this makeover dozens of blocks in the city centre have been transformed into an environment that encourages walking and cycling over driving, and creating a culture that prioritizes people and environment over cars.
Source: ITDP