G20 Energy Efficiency Policies and Measures


Description: The National Energy Strategy 2012-2026 sets a target of 15% energy savings in 2026, or 2 472 TWh of accumulated savings over the period. The main sectors to contribute to energy savings are transport (1 607 TWh), lighting (377 TWh) and cogeneration (303 TWh).
The Government is currently in the process of establishing the next phase of the energy savings programme (PRONASE) for 2014-2018. The previous phase (2009-2012) estimated the energy savings potential, compared to a reference scenario, at 2% in 2012, 18% in 2030, and 23% in 2050. The plan identified 7 priority areas of action: road transport vehicles, lighting, household appliances, cogeneration, electric motors, energy efficiency standards for new buildings, and water distribution; objectives and action strategies have been set in each of these areas.
National energy efficiency target: A target of 15% energy savings in 2026 or 2 472 TWh of accumulated savings over the period 2012-2026
Target year: 2026
Source: Enerdata-Global Energy Research