G20 Energy Efficiency Policies and Measures

European Union

Description: European Union has a Climate and Energy Package that outlines the main objectives of the union regarding energy and GHG emissions. 3 main targets for 2020 includes 20% GHG emission reduction compared to 1990, 20% share of renewable in final energy consumption (with 10% biofuel share), and 20% energy saving in primary energy compared to BAU. Energy Efficiency Directive provides a legal framework to the last “climate and energy package”. This directive substitutes both Energy Services Directive and Directive on cogeneration and provides time-bound energy efficiency measures especially for building and energy services sector. The Directive also requires each member state to prepare National Energy Efficiency Action plans presenting their action plans, institutional and legal framework.
National energy efficiency target: 20% primary energy saving by 2020 compared to projected consumption estimated in the 2005 Green Paper.
Target year: 2020
Source: Enerdata-Global Energy Research